ACIT Tabla Certification Program

Become certified as a professional tabla player

Gain foundational & advanced knowledge of tabla playing, accompaniment & performance

Train to be a professional tabla teacher* in our 200+ hr program

Certification Program Requirements

  • 200 hrs tabla training at ACIT
  • 10 hrs performance
  • 10 hrs music appreciation 
  • Mid & Final Oral Exams
  • *Optional Tabla Teacher Certification: 40 hrs teaching apprenticeship

Tabla Training:
Gain a complete knowledge of tabla from experienced professional instructors. Students with more than beginning knowledge of tabla may be credited hours for previous training depending on ability.

Requirements must be met within a maximum 4 year period and minimum 1 year period. Past continuous tabla training hours at ACIT before enrolling in TC program are eligible towards total 200 training hrs.

Besides the 200 training hours with instructors, student are expected to build their skills outside of class time with regular practice and commitment to the instrument.

Optional Teaching apprenticeship
Students enrolled in the certification program have the option of adding a Tabla Teacher Certificate through a 40 hour apprenticeship. Students become eligible for teaching apprenticeship after 150 hrs of tabla study. Includes teaching stipend after 5 hours of student teaching alongside instructors.

All students must complete 10 hrs of performance between the 100 hr and 200 hr completion, including a culminating graduation performance. Performances can be both formal & informal, accompaniment or solo, contact staff for details.

Music Appreciation
A minimum of 10 hrs attendance at musical events or concerts that include tabla. Events must take place during the duration of the TC program.

Exams will be given at 100 & 200 hour program completion marks. Oral exams will include recitation, composition, performance etc. 200 hr exam includes tabla playing and teaching evaluation.  In-class tests will be given on a periodic basis depending on the course.

Approximately $1,100 per 50 tabla training hours.  Work-exchange applications available, see below. Apprenticeship includes stipend of approx. $700. Performance hours and music appreciation hours are fulfilled outside of class time. 

Functional tabla set is the only required equipment. Books or other course materials for music theory or educational theory courses may be required. Contact ACIT for details.

Work-exchange at ACIT
Students with special skills in various fields may qualify to apply with ACIT for a work-exchange position, and others may qualify for an internship. Help build our non-profit organization in exchange for TC tabla study classes. For more information contact

Interested in Enrolling? Contact us

Material Covered/Courses

1-50 hrs
Tabla 1 - Foundational technique
Tabla 2 - Foundations continued
Tabla History
Basic Tala
Music Appreciation (on-going)

50-100 hrs
Theory of Tala/Rhythm
Intro to composition
Intro to performance
Tala continued

100-150 hrs
Intermediate composition
Fundamentals of Indian Music
Continued practicum
Intermediate Performance

150-200 hrs
Advanced performance
Advanced composition
Educational theory*
Continued practicum

*Optional Teaching Apprenticeship (additional 40 hrs)

Our Master Faculty

Pt. Anindo Chatterjee
During annual workshops, students will study directly with one of the greatest maestros of tabla in the world.

Ravi Albright
Senior disciple of Pt. Anindo Chatterjee and Exc. Director of ACIT, Ravi Joseph Albright is the main instructor for the Tabla Teacher Training program at ACIT.

Tor Deitrichson
Disciple of Zakir Hussain, Tor has a vast breath of knowledge of over 30 years as a professional tabla & conga percussionist in Seattle.

Prof. Ramesh Gangoli, PhD
A wealth of knowledge of Indian Classical music,
Rameshji is an adjunct Professor of Music at the University of Washington. Courses will focus on Hindustani music in general.

Anubrata Chatterjee
A global performer, periodic workshops will be held with arguably the best younger generation tabla player in the world.

Priya Diaz, MA Edu
Priya will give courses in educational theory & teaching strategies during the later portion of the program as preparation for the teaching apprenticeship.