My child is younger than 5 years. 

Why is age 5 the starting age for tabla classes at ACIT?

Students who start at age 5 or 6 generally have the communication and attention skills necessary for focusing through a 1 hour seated class time. Classes are formal and students are expected to stay on task and follow instructions during the period. Also basic reading and writing skills for taking notes and following handouts greatly speed up the learning process, and learning together as a group. 

How can I get my child ready for tabla class when they turn 5?

Listen: Play music for your child! Familiarize them with sound of tabla during playtime, mealtime or in the car. Check out our ONLINE LIBRARY of tabla compositions at

Participate: ACIT offers many opportunities to see tabla played and performed live! 

Parents who study tabla give their children excellent exposure to the instrument! Visiting a class, or observing a workshop or concert will help prepare your child for formal instruction starting at age 5 or 6.

At age 5, contact us to schedule their first class at If you child is approaching age 5, you can schedule their class up to 4 months in advance.